01 Aug 2019

Women’s Health

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Think you might have thrush? It’s probably just BV

66% of women with Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) think they have thrush.

1 in 3 women will suffer from BV at some point in their lives. BV can be confusing. It comes with hallmarks of a yeast infection- so it’s understandable why so many women can mistake BV for thrush. Ask the pharmacy team for our discreet symptom checker. We’ll help you identify if you may have BV or thrush, and what you can do to treat it without a prescription.

BV is a naturally occurring problem, typically caused by an increased vaginal pH and a disruption of vaginal flora. These changes create an environment which favours the growth of abnormal bacteria.

Many people with BV don’t actually have any symptoms, but you should look out for:

  • A fishy odour
  • Thin, watery, possibly greyish-white discharge or abnormally large amount of discharge
  • Occasional discomfort.

Keep in mind that BV:

  • Is not cause by poor hygiene
  • is not an STI
  • can still occur even if a woman has never had sexual intercourse
  • can only be treated with the right diagnosis.

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