17 Jul 2020

Corona Virus Updates and Advice

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The current risk of Covid-19 is relatively high and it is a virus that impacts the respiratory system. It is not known exactly how it is transmitted, though many viruses are passed though saliva drops. To stay safe, follow the governments guidelines, stay 2 metres apart and wear PPE when available. If you are high risk, you are advised to stay at home, not do the shopping, see friends or family and avoid close contact with the people in the same household.

Symptoms include: a new continuous cough, shortness of breath, loss of taste and/or smell and a high temperature. If you experience any of these symptoms, self isolate for 14 days and if the symptoms have not cleared, go to NHS 111 online and they will direct you from there. You do not need to speak to NHS 111 to self isolate and you can contact 119 for a home testing kit.

To help protect those around you, there are extra precautions that should taking such as only going out when absolutely necessary, when sneezing or coughing use tissue and throw away immediately, avoid touching face mainly eyes, nose and mouth, wearing a face mask when if you need to go out, clean surfaces that have been used and work from home if possible.

For more information related to Corona virus visit gov.uk/coronavirus.




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